Add accounts

1) Visit Settings to Add a New Service

2) Choose Your Account Type and Set Up the Details

Account Name: Specify a unique name for your account (e.g., Mastodon Personal).

Enabled: This option makes your account visible for posting.

Delete: To remove your account from Nootti.

Username: Your Bluesky user handle (e.g or your domain name:

Password: App Password (or main password).

See the video for generating an App Password or follow the instructions:

Visit your Bluesky account settings (when logging in) and go to Settings > Advanced > App Passwords. Generate a new App Password and copy-paste it to Nootti’s password field.

You can revoke the password at any time from the same place where you set it.

Instance: if you're on the main network

Verify login (optional): Test your account settings after you have filled in the details.

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