Add media

Add media files to your post by selecting them from Photos or by dragging-and-dropping them to the Media Preview area.

Nootti will post the media files in the order you have selected them.

Media limitations

If some of the items are not accepted they are ignored for the network. For example, if you have more images than the platform post limit, only the first ones are posted for the network and the rest are skipped.

For Mastodon accounts, if you have a video and images the video will posted instead of the images.

Too large Images are resized to the maximum accepted dimensions for Bluesky and Mastodon.

Nootti may try to compress files if they are too large for the platform but the outcome depends on the original format and size. See the media formats and limits for Bluesky and Mastodon.

Each network has its rules for accepted media. The media formats, sizes and counts vary.

For example, Mastodon only accepts one video or images but not both. Bluesky accepts four images (with a max size of 1MB each) but no videos.

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